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Basic Law Enforcement

The Basic Law Enforcement Class consists of 20 weeks of training. The class has 47 individual topics that are covered, the majority of the class is in the classroom; however, we have firearms, driver training, and defensive tactics.

Basic Jail Officer

The Basic Jail Officers School is 10 weeks in duration and consists of 27 different academic areas. The students are taught how to classify an inmate, control of contraband, including practical exercises on how to properly search a cell in a Jail. 

Basic Communication Officer


The Basic Public Safety Communications Course consists of 1 week of training. The course has 10 modules that prepare Emergency Communicators to answer 911/emergency calls and dispatch first responders.

Basic Animal Control Program

This program consists of 3 weeks of training covering 33 individual topics that pertain to the animal control field. 

Training Academy Mission Statement

The mission of the Central Shenandoah Criminal Justice Training Academy is to provide high quality training to criminal justice personnel.  This training, as approved by the Board of Directors, will meet the needs of its member agencies and will be accomplished according to the rules and regulations of the Virginia
Department of Criminal Justice Services.


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