Classes Offered


Basic Law

This program consists of 20 weeks of training covering 47 individual topics that pertain to the law enforcement field. 


Basic Jail

This program consists of 9 weeks of training covering 27 individual topics that pertain to the jail officers responsibilities and duties.


Basic Communication

This program consists of 1 week of training covering 10 modules that prepare Emergency Communicators to answer 911/emergency calls and dispatch first responders.

Basic Animal Control

This program consists of 3 weeks of training covering 33 individual topics that pertain to the animal control field. 



In-Service Consists of all the regular needed recertification classes for all areas.


Our office is located at 

3045 Lee Highway

Weyers Cave, VA 24486


Open 5 days a week:

Monday-Friday  8am-5pm


Contact us at

Phone: 1-540-234-9191

Fax: 1-540-234-8211

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