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For Student Utilizing Dorm Accomidations:


  • To request Dorm Accommodations: please check the box on your registration from indicating you would like on-site housing in our Dorms. Submit the registration form in a timely manner so that room availability can be checked and rooms can be prepared for occupancy.

  • Dorm Rooms are issued on a first-come / first-serve basis, based on availability at the time of the request.

  • Dorm room cost is $50 per night, per student (cost applies to non-members only). All rooms are designed for double occupancy with twin beds. Students from the same agency / same gender may be assigned jointly to one room. Single occupancy rooms are not guaranteed, depending on availability, at the Academy's discretion.

  •  Students who are issued rooms are required to check in at the front desk on the first day of their class, sometime between 8a-3p, to sign for and receive their key(s). This provides adequate time for students to also inspect their room sometime during the day and report any needs prior to the Academy closing for the business day.

  • The Academy furnishes bed linens and light blankets. Students are required to provide their own pillows, towels, soap, and any personal toiletries.

  • The Academy has washing machines and dryers on each level of the Dorm facility available for student use, at no cost. Students must furnish their own detergent.

  • Alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited from being possessed or consumed on Academy premises at any time, including dorms and parking areas.

  • The use of tobacco products of any kind, including "in cheek" or "electronic" are strictly prohibited inside Academy buildings, including the Dorms.

  • Smoking areas are designated as the upper breezeway leading into the Academy upper (classroom) level.

  • Students utilizing the Dorms will have access to the Academy starting at 07:30 am. Unless otherwise posted or directed, all classes start promptly at 8am.

  • All students: review the Dress Code tab for acceptable attire. Students utilizing the dorms are required to wear a shirt and proper undergarments at all times, when in the common area hallways, laundry rooms, and day rooms. Robes are an acceptable alternative.

  • Parking lots in the back of the Academy are for student parking. The parking areas in the front of the Academy main building are for Academy Staff, Instructors, and visitors.

  • Pets are prohibited from staying with students in Dorms or parking areas.

  • Cross-gender visitation in dorm rooms is strictly prohibited.

  • Overnight stays by spouses, family members, or friends in dorm rooms are prohibited.

  • "Quiet time" is 9pm to 6:30am. Please be considerate of other students and Instructors by keeping noise level low at all times.



  • In-Service Officers are allowed to carry loaded weapons in the Dorms, but must be holstered at all times.

  • All students and Instructors utilizing Dorms are required to keep their rooms neat and clean. Please make your bed and turn lights off when not in your room. All trash should be deposited in the dumpster on the outside NE corner of the main Academy building, on the lower level, before you leave. The Academy does not have full-time housekeeping on site, so to keep the cost of lodging at its lowest, students utilizing dorm rooms are requested to assist by keeping their living space clean.

  • Dorm rooms are subject to periodic unannounced inspection by Academy personnel.

  • Please report any deficiencies of the dorm facilities to a Staff member as soon as possible so that action can be taken immediately for a remedy.

  • The Academy reserves the right to remove dorm access and use from any student or Instructor for infractions.

  • This is a Criminal Justice Training facility. Proper conduct and behavior is expected of students, Instructors, and Staff at all times.

Further information available by contacting Mandy Mace at the Academy office at 540-234-9191 or

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